members fitness club and gym in arkansas

The Biggest and Best Variety in Training Equipment

Most gyms round the Little Rock area have only the basic machine weights and some dumbbells. But at Members Fitness Club we pride ourselves on having a wide variety fitness equipment designed to help you get a challenging workout that produces the results you’re looking for, no matter if you’re new to working out or a veteran of the lifting.

You’ll enjoy access to Nautilus and Hammer Strength machines, Troy Barbell and Fitness free weights, including dumbbells up to 150 pounds, bumper plates for olympic lifts, stability balls, resistance bands, medicine balls, battle ropes, a prowler sled, speed ladder, sandbag, and atlas stones!

Sport Specific and Fitness Event Training

Training for a chosen sport or fitness event has become a bigger trend in the last several years.  If you’re looking to improve your overall athletic strength with underground training protocols for explosive and functional performance then we can design a program that fits and exceeds your goals.

Fitness events much like the Warrior Dash, Spartan Run, and other various challenges have become very popular recently as a way to measure physical fitness. Want to get in on the fun, but not sure where or how to start? Don’t worry! We’ve got the training experience you’re looking for so that you will excel in your event and enjoy reaching new levels of fitness.

Nationally Certified Personal Trainers

We’re proud to have personal trainers that are certified through the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA) and the National Federation of Personal Trainers (NFPT). Our personal training staff isn’t just knowledgeable, they’re battle tested and experienced in helping deliver the best results to their clients with the latest strength training, aerobic training, and nutritional guidance to help you look, feel, and perform amazingly!

Check out our personal training staff here.

35% Military and First Responder Discount

We salute and greatly value having military veterans and emergency first responders as gym members. To show part of our appreciation for your service to our country and community we want to give you a 35% discount on your membership. Remember to ask for it when you sign up!

Safe and Secure Access 24/7

We’re the biggest gym in Little Rock that provides 24 hour access to our members. No limits! You can get in anytime, including holidays.

Exceptional Customer Service

Unlike most gyms, you’re a person we care about and want to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Don’t hesitate to ask our staff for help!